Nutrition Counselor

If you are searching for a registered dietitian or certified nutritionist you have found the right place because we have something better for you. A licensed physician with over 25 years of nutritional counseling that offers a variety of holistic and medical services to aid in your nutritional journey.

Nutrition Counseling

Have you noticed the recent surge in home testing kits for food allergies? The food you eat can affect things other than your stomach and skin. By simply changing daily diets, some patients have reduced and in some case stopped things like migraines and joint issues. If you have been through diagnostic test after test with no answer, that might just be your answer. Nothing is wrong, your body is just reacting to the food it is being fed! As a nutrition specialist, Dr. Woo-Daly can scan for sensitivities and offer a wide variety services that can aid in helping you reach your nutritional goals.

Sports Nutritionist

Whether you have started a new routine or are trying to gain an edge in your sport, we not only offer sports nutrition supplements, we personally use them! Just like everything we offer at Daly Chiropractic, we personally use all of our healing methods including athlete vitamins and supplements. We are happy to share our first hand experience about our meal plans and supplements to our fellow athletes!

Vitamins, Supplements & More

We not only offer these exceptional products in our office, we personally use them! If you have questions about any of our products don’t hesitate to ask. We can give you first hand insight to how they work and feel!

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