David Daly, DC, RMA

Chiropractic Physician & Certified Acupuncturist

Dr. David Daly, DC, RMA, believes that the nervous system is the master controller of the body and uses that guiding principle to lead his full-service chiropractic and wellness practice, Daly Integrated Medical Group in Titusville, Florida.

Dr. Daly educates his patients, from infants to seniors, about the self-healing nature of their bodies and uses holistic techniques and treatments, such as regenerative medicine, spinal decompression, platelet-rich plasma therapy, and acupuncture, to help optimize their health.

A 1998 graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic, Dr. Daly racked up an amazing 4,600 hours of study and has added countless hundreds more in the two decades since he became a licensed chiropractor. Dr. Daly also has degrees in human anatomy and biology and is passionate about how the human body works best.

Dr. Daly’s wife is also a chiropractor at the popular clinic, and together they have three children. He loves being active and spends a lot of time surfing, running, biking, and practicing yoga.


Dr. Barbara Woo Daly, DC ​

Chiropractic Physician & Certified Acupuncturist

Dr. Barbara Woo Daly, DC, has received her chiropractic license in 1999. She has been serving the community of Titusville since 2000. Dr. Woo Daly is committed to helping patients regain their health by applying proper nutritional habits, sustainable lifestyle changes, acupuncture, and education. Dr. Woo Daly takes the time to educate patients, so they can truly make an informed decision about their health and wellness. She is always promoting the latest biohacking tools that you can implement in everyday life. By adopting these tools taught by Dr. Woo Daly, you can expect to get closer to your optimal functional potential and live a healthier life.

Along with her doctor of chiropractic degree, Dr. Woo also has a bachelor of science in human anatomy, and she is certified by the national board of chiropractic examiners to perform acupuncture.

Dr. Woo is married to Dr. David Daly and she has three children. Dr. Woo enjoys playing tennis yoga and traveling.


Stacy Dolby, RCA

Registered Chiropractic Assistant

Stacy Dolby has been a massage therapist for more than 25 years and has worked with all ages and levels of wellness. Her massage style has adapted over the years with her individual experience as an athlete, fitness professional, martial artist, cancer survivor, and Mother of 3. Her goal for your session is to make sure that you leave feeling better than when you walked in. Stacy’s massage journey started as an attribute to a Sports Medicine degree but ended as a career choice. She graduated from the Advanced Fuller School of Massage in Virginia Beach, VA, and became an ambassador for sports massage in the Hampton Roads area.


Stacy was one of the first massage therapists to introduce sports massage to the local professional sports teams. Throughout her career as a massage therapist, Stacy has been a massage educator and mentor to hundreds of students. She has over 10 years of experience working in a chiropractic setting and truly believes that chiropractic and massage go hand in hand for creating the most healthy you.

Genise Brim, RCA

Registered Chiropractic Assistant

Genise Brim, RCA, and Dr. Daly have been working together for the last 17 years. Genise has a great understanding of how the human body works and functions. Genise has worked with children to the elderly throughout her career. She knows that everyone responds in different ways to physiotherapy, so she has the skill and knowledge to know what type of therapy to use at the right time in each specific case.

finn-daly-registered-chiropractic-assistant (2)

Finn Daly, RCA

Registered Chiropractic Assistant