Daly Chiropractic Titusville, FL

Family Chiropractic

Trust a well known chiropractor near you. Whether you are looking for a family owned chiropractic clinic or a family chiropractor, we are both! We help patients of any age with many different complaints. Our services have expanded so we can create a customized treatment plan for your specific needs. Browse some of our regenerative medicine options!

Pregnancy Chiropractor

When you are deciding who to trust when it comes to a new prenatal chiropractor, why not put your trust in a doctor that adjusted his own wife during her pregnancies? At our family chiropractic clinic, Dr. Daly can adjust your spine while Dr. Woo-Daly can preform acupuncture to help with your pregnancy at any stage, even fertility! We also offer other services and therapies that will support you and your pregnancy! Check out our massage therapy options.

Sports Chiropractor

Searching sports chiropractor near me? As an athlete and triathlon winner, Dr. Daly not only understands the injuries that you suffer from, he has suffered with you! The devotion he has to his own physical fitness passes onto his athlete patients, giving each patient continued care in order to help them get back to on the field or training at the level they know they can achieve! Need something extra? Ask about trigger point injections for sore muscles and plasma therapy for torn muscles and ligaments!

Your First Chiropractic Visit

Plan on being here a little longer for your full evaluation. We spend a lot of time listening to your specific concerns. By assessing every aspect of your health we are better able to create a plan specific to your goals. If you are unsure a chiropractor is right for your specific needs; check out some of the things Dr. Daly can help with.