Massage Therapy Near You

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Massage at Daly Chiropractic

Our team of massage therapists have over 45 year experience combined. They have worked with all kinds of body types and understand how the human body functions. Working with our team of massage therapists, you body will be more mobile, better balanced, and feeling Great.  Call or Book Online for an appointment.

Massage Therapy in Titusville

When we say massage “therapy” we mean it! At Daly Chiropractic we offer many different types of massage as well as regenerative medicine that can complement the benefits of your massage. For example, lets say there is one specific area in your shoulder that always has a knot and always bothers you. Massage therapy helps but does not seem to get rid of it. These deeper issues may need more than massage can be further treated with Trigger Point Injections and even Acupuncture. This can bring extended relief between massage appointments.

Medical Massage Therapy

Stress, pain, injuries and postural distortion are some of the top reasons our patients come in for massage therapy. The best part about massage therapy at our office is the availability of many other therapies that can aid and complement all the benefits that you are used to getting from a massage. We mentioned Trigger Point Injections before however, when you are treating lower back pain with massage only, you may feel like you need a little more. That is why we offer spinal decompression for herniated discs and sciatica. Pair your massage with spinal decompression and take your healing to the next level!

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