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Trigger Point Injections

Soothe muscle pain with a regenerative medicine approach. With extended computer and phone use, trigger point injections in your neck can reduce tension headaches and migraines in some patients! Lower back pain? Trigger point injections help that too. From serious conditions like fibromyalgia to annoying muscle spasms, trigger point injections can help you feel immediate relief!

Acupuncture Near You

If you are searching acupuncture for weight loss, fertility acupuncture, or alternatives to prescription medicine like acupuncture for anxiety, migraines, back pain, tinnitus, etc. You have found the right place. We invite you to read more about our acupuncture services as well as our other healing options offered at our integrated medical group.

B12 Injections

Give us a call and we will work you right in. You don’t even need an appointment for a B12 shot! Feeling sluggish, can’t concentrate, trying to recover from COVID? Call us today!

  • Super B12 Injection $20
  • Vitamin D Injections $20

Lipo B Shots

If you are searching B12 shots for weight loss – Lipo B is your answer! You don’t even need to make an appointment, call us today! While you are here make sure to ask about acupuncture for weight loss and other therapies our clinic offers.

  • Lipo B Shot $40
  • Anti-Aging & Immunity $25

Why Daly Chiropractic

Many patients find the relief they have been searching for after receiving help from our medical group. When you have been unsuccessful in the past with treatments, medications, therapy or even surgery, please consider reaching out for an alternative approach. The experienced and caring team of health specialists here at Daly Chiropractic work together to provide a plan for your healing journey.

You no longer have to travel to Melbourne or Orlando to receive cutting edge regenerative medicine treatments. Right here in Titusville, our team of providers have helped patients find relief using many types of regenerative therapies. We help patients with migraines, back pain, sciatica trouble, joint pain, as well as hair loss and other lingering side effects from COVID, immunity support, Lipo B shots and so much more.

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